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 The awakening

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Energy Vampire
Energy Vampire

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PostSubject: The awakening   The awakening EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 5:41 am

(AN: I pick Dirty Work Nos, because anything Wirewolf related would have him focused on Ty instead of XR - and Ty is not here ~ xD)

Deep down in the sewers lay a strange coffin entangled in vines. Since no one with a functioning nose wanted to do the dirty work down there, the sewers were maintained by little robots, designed especially for this assignment.
Eventually one of those made the fatal mistake of being curious.

The sound of something moving inside the strange box only stirred its curiosity and it poked against a vine, finding that they were harmless. The small robot shoved it to the side to read the strange letters.
The cleanbot chuckled. What a funny name, it almost sounded like… ZAPP.

The bot lay jerking and twitching on the wet ground. A blast of energy coming from the box had hit and paralyzed him.

And then… there was a voice resounding in its head.
“Hear me,” it changed, “Your dark master calls to you…”

The robot stood up and with the last of his remaining strength ripped one of the vines apart… and shut down. The plant immediately began to wriggle and twitch before the coffin burst open and the plant scattered all over the place.

Nos-4-A2 the energy vampire emerged with his signature scream and engulfed the hall in red light. Tracking any sign of movement the vampire only found a small stream of water close… and a shaking robot hidden in the corner who had watched the scenario terrified.

The vampire’s scowled turned into a twisted smile.
“Come to me,” he whispered in a half chant and waited patiently for the robot to arrive; and when it was close enough, Nos-4-A2 pounced at it and bit down without further warning.
After being locked up for what felt like forever in his coffin and he wasn’t in the mood to play with his prey, he merely needed the energy right now.

Having it drained all too soon, Nos-4-A2 tossed it aside, glancing around again. They really had had the nerves to leave him in a sewer. But Team Lightyear would get this iniquity back. Just as soon, as the vampire had collected enough energy to strike.

The freshly woken and hungry as never before vampire sent out a frequency, intending to spot and locate any energy source in the radius of a mile.

A vicious smile crossed his face as he picked up a rather familiar frequency.
“Little One,” he gave a low chuckle.
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The awakening
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