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 Darkness ~

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PostSubject: Darkness ~   Darkness ~ EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 2:29 am

Light-Keeper sat in his sofa, rheuma-blanket spread over his legs, the TV turned on showing how the last one of his new friends laid himself to rest. He took his collection book and put the last card from the map into it, to send the character to dreamland.
He looked all of them over again, proud of his new Starter Set.
LK then placed the book on a small table next to him, stroking his new most precious possession.

And then the light went out.
The only thing that lit up the room was the from the Pulsar star in the next etage illuminated landscape.
When there was a low rattling behind and pretty damn close, Light-Keeper picked up a lighter and waved it around the room like a crazy spotlight.
He scratched his head frowning.

And then, there was a hiss right next to his ear.
LK directed the light to its direction and all that could be heard was something hitting the road like a whiney dog.

And then the light returned.

He sat down, keeping the Lighter close to himself, as he quickly scooped over the book again, to check if all of the cards were still there and that... whatever that was just now hadn't stolen one.

//The first Lightless enters the world. A new dawn is coming.//
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Darkness ~
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